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Application for online liftplanning including load and stability calculation for several loading conditions.

Loader cranes simulator covering big range of specialties such as salesmen, fleet owners, project engineering, safety inspectors etc.


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Application for Crane Mounting Support.

Every crane mounting set-up must be calculated and documented in advance in order to meet the statutory requirements such as axle load or vehicle dimensions.

This job can be easily completed using our software, simply by configuring the chassis and the crane you wish to mount on it.

The “Load Curve” function allows you to define the max load that you can put along the truck body without overloading the front or the rear axles.

In addition we provide “Stability 360°”, a versatile feature for truck bodybuilding engineering that allows stability calculations with multiple options like eccentric weights and adjustable stabilizers span.

The “Stability Load” feature defines the optimal areas around the truck for a specific load/outreach configuration in combination with variable stabilizers positions.


Up to 500.000 trucks & 3.000 crane models have been registered in our database with charts, full technical specifications and drawings

Our expertise in loader crane studies comes from 20 years’ experience on the field in crane mounting and truck body building

Our culture of “do the right things” makes us confident that our services are efficient, effective and economical.

Our priority is to deliver further value for money improvements to you.


Application for Loader Cranes that uses complex algorithms to analyze the technical specifications of all famous crane manufacturers, providing a list of cranes optimal for each lift.

Fill-in the requested data such as weight - outreach - height of the lift and right away you will be able to choose & compare right away models from different manufacturers as well as access fast and easily all related technical specs and loading charts.

Furthermore making the necessary calculation for the loading based on the outreach or vice versa is possible for all crane models.


Cranes Academy is an application service provider company, offering specialized software solutions for loader cranes.

We can assist you to select the most appropriate loader crane according to your lifting requirements or assist you to determine the best position to mount a crane on a specific truck frame.

Avoid spending your valuable time searching on different crane manufacturer sites for each crane's load chart and examining which one better covers your lifting needs better!

By using our special aps “Craneculator” and “CraMoS” which incorporate our 20 years of expertise on the field, you will get on-line all the information you need in order to choose for proper crane or modify your truck frame.


Our services are subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

We offer you different pricing models that enable you to pay only for what you really need, for as long as you want.

By having an active subscription, you can always get access to our relevant application online whenever you need by simply accessing the Internet from any computer terminal or mobile device.

Benefits you will receive when partnering with us

  • Avoid to pay costly license fee
  • Minimal IT infrastructure needed
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Almost Zero initial money Risk
  • Opportunity to use new tools in your business, which is something you considered “prohibited” before due to its cost.
  • You will always be running the latest version of each application
  • No headache of reinstallation in your new hardware or seeking multiple licenses for all your devices.
  • Flexibility to cancel or change subscriptions as and when needed.


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